Rotary Tillers

Rotary Tillers

Lagan’s Rotary Tillers offer Farmers unparalleled benefit in ground tillage. It saves the farmer valuable time, fuel and reduces wear and tear of expensive tractors. It also mixes the remains of the previous harvest in the soil and creates a natural fertilizer. The Rotavator can be used for soil conditioning, weed control, fertilizer incorporation, seedbed preparation or puddling in wet land.


  • Sturdy Construction made from High Quality Steel for long lasting performance
  • Multispeed Precision Gearbox allows cutting at different speeds and depths
  • Specially-designed Blades using wear-resistant Alloy Steel
  • Efficient gear system reduces wear and tear and maintenance time
  • High-quality Bearings, seals, gaskets and galvanised fasteners for better life
  • Easy fitment with any tractor of the farmer's choice

Technical Specifications

RT 5505 ½ ft ( 1600 MM )35 -> 5024 - 3660385
RT 6006 ft ( 1830 MM )39 -> 5528 - 4272415
RT 6756 ¾ ft ( 2050 MM )45 -> 6554 - 6084450


Lagan’s Rotary Tillers offers to Farmers an unparalleled benefit in tillage by saving time & fuel and reduces wear & tear of tractors. Farmer can enjoy the quality of soil preparation as well as saving cost.
Traditional tools like Ploughs, Cultivators, Harrows are not very efficient for mixing stubble of the preceding crop with soil. Rotary Tiller is only solution to prepare the soil for quality crops.
The Lagan Rotary Tiller reduces the field preparation time with the help of optimum speed of Rotor blades. Also reduces the dependency of farm labour..

Used for which plant/crops ?

  • Rice/Paddy
  • Wheat
  • Potato
  • Sugarcane
  • Maize
  • Cotton
  • Vegetables
  • Dry land crops
  • Wet soil, submerged soil, dry soil, hard soil